Exponential Impact: Advancing Innovation & Knowledge

The Charlotte Research Institute, Energy Production & Infrastructure Center (EPIC), Data Science Initiative, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and others are impressive on their own. Each of these flagship initiatives brings knowledge and drives innovation in various industries. But combined in one institution, working to serve the same mission, their power and reach are exponential.

While these programs and partnerships will reinforce UNC Charlotte as an economic engine for the region, even more collaborations and ideas are yet to be realized. New developments require time, effort and funds.

When you support our programs, we can recruit an innovative faculty seeking to expand the capacity of our students to meet the challenges of the future. We can place our graduates in jobs and advance the lives of people in the region. We’re predicting the realities of the future and rethinking the way we work in health, energy, business, education, society and other areas to better mankind. If the university sees a need, we partner or lead the way to find solutions quickly. Forward thinking begins with the spirit of cooperation.

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