Exponential Opportunity: Ensuring Access & Scholarship

UNC Charlotte was founded on opening access to and creating opportunities for all deserving students. It started with founder Bonnie Cone, who deeply believed in both the potential of her students and the transformative value of higher education.

However, higher education costs money.

  • $20K - Annual tuition, room and board, books, and transportation for a UNC Charlotte student living on campus is approximately $20,000.
  • $70M - Our student body has $70 million in unfunded need every year.
  • 42% - 42 percent of our students work more than 20 hours per week while attending school.
  • $23K - Average student debt at UNC Charlotte now exceeds $23,000.

Scholarships help put college within reach.

As Miss Bonnie believed, a student’s potential should not be bound by money. We cannot deny any student who desires higher education, whose need is greater, who could go further. Our students are future leaders who will transform their communities if we give them a chance to earn their most valuable asset: a college degree from UNC Charlotte.

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